165 E Main St, Torrey, UT 84775 435-425-3710

Slackers was originally established in 1990 by the Brinkerhoff family and was called Brinks. It was a small building with no indoor seating. Quickly the reputation started to grow that "if you wanted a great burger and large quantities of food" you should go to Brinks. People would drive from all over just to have one of their burgers.

In the late 1990's the restaurant was expanded to add a dining room then sold. A few years later it was sold and the name changed to Slacker's Burger Joint.

Slacker's was run by a local family for another 9 year and sold to two families in the neighboring town of Richfield Utah who owned it up until the end of 2018.
The new owners are Carol and Bob Morris who are local Torrey residents. They have make more changes that ever, adding air conditioning, new roof, expanded the dining room, added new equipment but most of all increased the portions, quality and variety of food available. Sure they offer the staple burger but also lots of other items as can be seen here.
We welcome people from all over the world and look forward to many long years of making their food, "BETTER THAN EVER."